Where 'doing nothing' becomes your greatest adventure.

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At glamping RØSTIG, we embrace the art of doing nothing. We invite you to chill with us in the midst of nature. We believe that true relaxation comes when you can put your mind on 'pause' mode.

So, what are you waiting for? Escape the chaos of life and dive into the adventure of doing absolutely nothing for a little while. You'll find that you can take this newly found freedom back home with you as a souvenir.

Oh, and besides doing nothing, we offer yoga, meditation, sauna, hot tub, massages, fat bikes, canoes, and much more. But feel free to come and do nothing at all.

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At RØSTIG, you stay in a tipi tent or wooden-pod. You will always find a lovely bed, pack of fresh linen, rugs and a cosy place to retreat to. Electricity is available in your accommodation.

Outside your accommodation you will find an outdoor stove or firebowl and relaxing outdoor chairs. At RØSTIG, you can cook over a campfire or on a gas stove. Cooking utensils, plates and cutlery are provided on arrival.


At RØSTIG, you can participate in two free workshops daily. These are often workshops in yoga, meditation, creativity or other forms of relaxation. For an up-to-date calendar of workshops, scroll down!

Prefer to go on an adventure? Roll out of bed, into a canoe or go hiking, swimming or cycling. Furthermore, you can rent the sauna or hot tub and massages can be booked regularly (both when available).

On our site you will find Lingelands: a fine waterside catering establishment, where you can enjoy lunch and drinks when the weather is nice.

In the evenings, you can find cosiness by the campfire, or of course the RØST in your accommodation.


Below is a small mood impression of previous years. Curious for more photos? Then take a look at our Instagram.

De kunst van het niks doen.

De waarde van ontspanning is niet te onderschatten. Want in een wereld die nooit lijkt te stoppen met draaien, waar hectiek en prikkels constant om onze aandacht vechten, is er één kostbaar ding dat steeds zeldzamer wordt: niks doen. Helemaal niks doen.

In de race van het moderne leven is het vinden van slechts één minuutje voor jezelf een ware uitdaging geworden.Het lijkt bijna angstaanjagend om gewoon even stil te staan, weg van die constante stroom van activiteiten, notificaties en opgedrongen gedachten. Dit maakt niks doen het grootste avontuur van deze tijd.

Bij RØSTIG, onze glamping, omarmen we juist de kunst van het niks doen. We nodigen je uit om samen met ons te chillen midden in de vrije natuur. We geloven dat de beste ideeën, gesprekken en vriendschappen ontstaan wanneer je je hoofd even op standje 'pauze' krijgt. Dus, waar wacht je nog op? Ontsnap aan de chaos van het leven en duik in het avontuur van het héél-even-helemaal-niks doen. Dan kom je er achter dat je die nieuw gevonden vrijheid naderhand als souvenir weer mee naar huis kunt nemen.


The calendar will be replenished as your stay gets closer. So keep a close eye on it!
Curious about the schedule? Switch to the dutch website and you can check which workshops are already planned!

26-04 X Yoga
27-04 Yoga + Yoga & Klank
28-04 Meditatie Yoga
29-04 Yoga + Yoga
30-04 Yoga + Yoga
01-05 Yoga + Adem
02-05 Yoga + Meditatie
03-05 Adem Yoga
04-05 Yoga + Yoga & Klank
05-05 Yoga + Meditatie
06-05 Yoga + Yoga
07-05 Yoga + Meditatie & Adem
08-05 Yoga + Meditatie
09-05 Yoga Yoga
10-05 Yoga + Meditatie
11-05 Yoga + Yoga & Handpan
12-05 Yoga + Mediatie
13-05 Yoga + Meditatie
14-05 Yoga + Yoga
15-05 Yoga + Klank
16-05 Adem Yoga
17-05 Meditatie & Adem Yoga
18-05 Meditatie & Zang Yoga
19-05 Yoga + Yoga
20-05 Adem Meditatie
21-05 Yoga + Yoga
22-05 Klank Qigong
23-05 Yoga + Meditatie
24-05 Yoga + Yoga
25-05 Yoga Meditatie
26-05 Yoga + Adem
27-05 Yoga + Meditatie
28-05 Yoga + Yoga
29-05 Klank Qigong
30-05 Adem
31-05 Klank Yoga


RØSTIG will open its doors from 28 April to 30 September, at Lingedijk 6 in Kedichem.

At RØSTIG, you will find a communal outdoor kitchen with several cooking facilities. You will also get cooking utensils, plates and cutlery on arrival. You can cook in your tent or in the communal outdoor kitchen.

Rather not cook? We have a catering facility with a waterside terrace. Please note that this is not always open, depending on the weather. In both the kitchen and the catering facility, you can get water, soft drinks, beers and wine. At RØSTIG, everything is vegetarian. Otherwise, food is arranged as follows:

When booking, you can specify whether you want to join the breakfast buffet, which includes fruit, fresh rolls, granola, fresh orange juice and more. If you order it with your booking, it costs €12, on location it costs €14.

If open, you can take advantage of the delicious lunch offered by the catering facility on the waterfront terrace or, of course, prepare something yourself.

At RØSTIG 2023, there are 2 options for dinner:
1. Cook yourself. We will send an email a week before your stay with recipes and ingredients to cook delicious meals at your tent, or in the communal outdoor kitchen.
2. We work with local restaurants that can provide us with food every day. You can place this order as soon as you arrive on site.

On the day of arrival, there is an Indian buffet you can join. You can let us know when booking or by e-mail.

At RØSTIG, we offer numerous workshops and activities that contribute to sustainable relaxation and RØST. We offer at least 2-3 workshops per day.

Daily meditation sessions and yoga classes
At RØSTIG, we don't skip a day without a meditation session or yoga class. Meditation and yoga provides stillness and the opportunity to return to the here and now. We think this is important and it fits with our values. In addition, we are happy to help you learn how to apply meditation or yoga in your daily life (when it is a bit drøkker).

Other workshops we will offer are breathing sessions, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Wim Hof method and more.

Each time a workshop starts, you will hear the gong. You don't have to participate in anything, of course, but we invite you to. Would you rather chill in your hammock or do something else? No problem of course!

Other activities
With your stay at RØSTIG, you get your own canoe, with which you can go on an adventure. We also rent out sup-boards and (electric) motor boats. You can paint, play games, swim, hike in the area, visit old towns or just relax.

Everyone is welcome at RØSTIG. However, there is a minimum age of 18. Not because we don't like children, but because we want to guarantee as much peace and quiet as possible (which is easier without children).

RØSTIG is not the same as quiet. At RØSTIG, we provide accommodation where you can do all kinds of things to get to sustainable røst, in nature. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that it will always be quiet. A party down the road or noisy boats passing by can always happen. However, we always have sleeping earplugs in your tent, so you can keep the silence in your own hands ;).

Disclaimer: do you have a concussion or are in the middle of a burnout? Then bear in mind that it is very RØSTIG with us, but we do not guarantee silence.

We want to offer you and your campmates the ultimate peace and quiet. To ensure this, there are several house rules. You'll find the full house rules at camp. They are not that exciting, but it is still good to name a few:

1. No pølitics. We are a place where everyone is welcome and should feel safe. We therefore avoid political topics that lead to nasty discussions or exclusion.

2. Music. Large music boxes are not allowed, small ones near your tent are. We will also sometimes play music ourselves at the community area. Just be social here and think a little with the others, and you will be fine.

3. After 23:00, it is quiet in the sleeping area. If you are still up and chatting, that's fine, but do it in a whisper so as not to wake others. After 23:00 (or before of course) you can go to the fire place in the community area.

4. Enjoy! We have done everything possible to offer you a very unique, røstige experience. Just the way we would like it! If you don't like anything or have any feedback for us, please let us know. We want to learn and improve ourselves and need your opinion.

Apart from your clothes and all the other standard essentials for a camping trip, we want to emphasise bringing a few more things:

- torch (we often have extra to borrow too, but bring anyway)

- a bottle to fill with water

- sporty clothes

- swimwear (we do not say what we will do)

- groceries for lunch/dinner

We provide beds with mattresses, pillows and bed linen :). Cooking utensils, plates and cutlery are also provided from RØSTIG.

Our fixed changeover days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can check in on your arrival day from 16:00 and check out on your departure day until 11:00. There is also a workshop on both arrival and departure days, at 20:00 on the arrival day and at 09:00 on the departure day.

The Ø in RØSTIG stands for balance. Balance between busyness and røst, tension and relaxation. We believe this balance is disturbed in many people these days, leading to too much stress. Our mission is to get people to røst nicely. Not only by providing røst, but also by offering the 'tools' that help you learn new skills and take this røst home with you. And we are just a nice place to chill out. So just RØSTIG. ;)


Not all your questions answered? RØSTIG, contact us via email or chat and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Can't wait for your well-deserved røst? Then book now!

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